Lingam is the Sanskrit word for penis and loosely translates to "wand of light." In Tantra philosophy, we approach the lingam, or penis, from a. Massage af Yoni med Lingam. I tantra “trænger manden ikke ind i kvinden”. Kvinden ses som et tempel, og “man trænger ikke ind i et tempel”. In ancient time's male sexual energy was celebrated and worshipped in Tantra Temples. Following is a symbol of the Shiva Lingam with such reverence.

Tantra lingam århuspigerne - ydre kønsorganer

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Tantra lingam århuspigerne - nysgerrig

Miracles do happen in real life. I am so greatful to know about the amazing mission of Mal. Poor blood supply to genital area, men will find difficulty getting a proper erection and maintaining it.


Llewellyn & Leora Lightwoman * Tantric Sexuality with candle light ( extra long )

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